Landlords and Lot Owners

Each year, New Beginnings secures permanent housing opportunities for approximately 150 individuals, families, and veterans throughout Santa Barbara County. We accomplish this by partnering with dozens of landlords and property managers. In addition, we partner with many businesses and faith-based organizations to provide our clients living in their vehicles with a safe place to park each night. Join us as we end homelessness for our neighbors! If you are interested in learning more, please scroll down towards the bottom of this page to enter your information, and we will follow up with you promptly.


As a landlord, you can change lives by renting to a client of New Beginnings. Landlords enjoy partnering with us because we:

  • Work with the client on an ongoing basis, including ensuring rent is paid on time and units are properly cared for.
  • Recommend clients who are the right fit and highly motivated to be great tenants, speeding up pre-rental processes.
  • Respond quickly to both landlords and clients, heading off any potential issues quickly.
  • Help clients increase their income, including providing security deposit assistance, so they can build up savings and improve their future.
  • Give landlords an opportunity to look out for others in our community who are down on their luck and deeply value a roof over their head.

Profile of a Typical Prospective Tenant

  • Employed or with permanent, but limited, income through VA Disability Compensation or Social Security
  • Self-sufficient and highly motivated to be a great long-term tenant
  • Limited recent housing and/or credit history
  • Single adult with no pets
  • Part of the Coordinated Entry System, eligible for Housing Choice Voucher, Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing, or New Beginnings Tenant-Based Rental Assistance

How a Trial Partnership Works

  1. You would identify one unit available for tenancy by a qualified New Beginnings client on a trial basis.
  2. When the unit becomes vacant, we can immediately find someone who is the right fit and who meets your criteria. This client’s application would be processed using qualification criteria agreed upon by you and New Beginnings.
  3. Once we have housed one client, you would review progress with New Beginnings on a monthly basis to ensure a positive experience with the new tenant, that rent is being paid on time, and that the unit is being properly cared for.
  4. After a previously agreed upon amount of time has passed, and you have determined that the trial was successful, you and New Beginnings would explore a lasting partnership.

Learn More or Get Started

If you are interested in general information about our trial partnerships, please contact Michael Berton, Development Manager, at or (805) 963-7777 x112.

If you would like to provide housing to veterans who are experiencing homelessness and who are enrolled in our Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) Program, please contact Victor Virgen, SSVF Program Coordinator, at or (805) 963-7777 x113.

If you are interested in providing housing opportunities to individuals and families living in their vehicles or to people experiencing homelessness who have been referred to us by other agencies, please contact Cassie Roach, Safe Parking Program Coordinator/Senior Case Manager at or at (805) 845-8492.

Lot Owners

NPR Vehicular Homeless

As a lot owner, you can change lives by making overnight parking spaces available to clients of our Safe Parking Program®. Safe Parking provides case management and overnight parking spaces to approximately 150 people living in their cars at 33 lots in Santa Barbara, Goleta, and the unincorporated region in between. We are always looking for new lot owners who would like to partner with us to help provide shelter and safety to individuals and families living in their vehicles.

  • Clients are residents of Santa Barbara County and have a current driver’s license, vehicle insurance, and registration
  • Each of these lots has entered in to a written agreement with New Beginnings who has indemnified them against any liability
  • Each lot offers free nightly parking for between one and 15 vehicles

Since the program’s inception in 2004, there have been no major incidents or damage to any of the participating lots. Staff works with program clients to transition them back into traditional and permanent housing.

Learn More or Get Started

Lot owners interested in providing spaces to the program, either during the day or at night, and property owners interested in renting to Safe Parking clients who are ready to move into housing, are asked to please contact the Safe Parking Program at (805) 845-8492 or email Cassie Roach, Safe Parking Program Coordinator and Senior Case Manager, at

New Beginnings is excited to announce the release of a Public Service Announcement (PSA) series aimed at creating collaborative partnerships with landlords to address the housing shortage in Santa Barbara County. The series is currently streaming on local television and was previously in the previews at Metropolitan Theatres in Santa Barbara and Goleta.

Landlord PSA 2020 (Veterans: Featuring Our Landlord Steve Baird)

Landlord PSA (Part 1 – Veteran)

Landlord PSA (Part 2 – Family)

Landlord PSA (Part 3 – Senior)