Public Service Announcements

New Beginnings is excited to announce the release of a Public Service Announcement (PSA) series aimed at creating collaborative partnerships with landlords to address the housing shortage in Santa Barbara County. The series is currently streaming on local television and was also featured in the previews at Metropolitan Theatres in Santa Barbara and Goleta.


Landlord PSA (2020) (Veterans: Featuring Our Landlord Steve Baird)

Landlord PSA (Part 1 – Veteran)

Landlord PSA (Part 2 – Family)

Landlord PSA (Part 3 – Senior)

Old Public Service Announcements

Click Below to watch NBCC’s Public Service Announcement about our Safe Parking Program™:

Click below to watch NBCC’s Public Service Announcement about Mental Health:

Check out our 2016 :30 and :60 second public service announcements to launch New Beginnings’ Community Awareness Campaign!

:30 PSA


:60 PSA