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Changing Lives Gala (2017)

Celebrating Glenn and Amy Bacheller

Glenn and Amy Bacheller have been involved with our work for nearly 10 years and have been instrumental in helping us to gain momentum and support for our programs. Both Glenn and Amy have served as ambassadors for our agency and are actively involved in supporting the work of organizations in Santa Barbara that serve the homeless. Glenn and Amy continue to serve as an event sponsor for all of our events, and we very much appreciate their sustained support!

Glenn and Amy Bacheller
Gala Invite Inside

Event Sponsors

Building Community Sponsors:

  • Glenn and Amy Bacheller
  • The Coeta and Donald Barker Foundation
  • Mary and Gary Becker

Hope and Inspiration Sponsors:

  • Lalla and Rinaldo Brutoco, Omega Point Institute
  • Maryan Schall

Caring Hearts Sponsors:

  • Laurie Ashton and Lynn Sarko
  • Hon. Susan Rose and Allan Ghitterman

Helping Hand Sponsors:

  • John and Marcia Cohen
  • David Jackson and Stephanie Sohn Jackson
  • Kathryn LePage
  • John Sanger
  • Frank Thompson, Housing Consultants
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cottage health