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Changing Lives Gala (2016)

Celebrating Mary and Gary Becker

Mary and her late husband Gary have been instrumental in promoting our work in the community. Gary helped build awareness of the impact of our work in the community and improved our external communications. Mary has contributed to our program as a member of the Catholic Church of the Beatitudes. The Beautitudes have hosted holiday parties and helped in other ways to support our female clients in our Safe Parking Program. Mary continues to be actively involved with our work!

Mary and Gary Becker
Gala Invite

Event Sponsors

Changing Lives Sponsor:

  • Anonymous

Building Community Supporting Sponsors:

  • Glenn and Amy Bacheller
  • The Coeta and Donald Barker Foundation

Hope and Inspiration Sponsor:

  • Maryan Schall

 Caring Hearts Sponsors:

  • Lalla and Rinaldo Brutoco
  • Elvina Geauque
  • Susan Rose and Allan Ghitterman

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Helping Hand Sponsors:

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  • Claude and Susan Case
  • Peter Karoff
  • Ciara and Sam Murray-Young
  • John Sanger
  • Jean Schulyer
  • Sue and Bill Wagner

Contributor List

  • Bill’s Copy Shop
  • Belmond El Encanto
  • David Grossman, pianist
  • Linda Ekstrom
  • Bruno Ferrarotti
  • Sven Holcomb, AV
  • Michael Holland, guitarist
  • Chris Levine
  • Lisa Moore, Cottage Health
  • Sarita Relis, photographer