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Safe Parking Program Featured in Rolling Stone Magazine

Safe Parking Program Featured in Rolling Stone Magazine Article:
‘Recession’s Middle Class Casualties’

New Beginnings Counseling Center once again receives national attention for its Safe Parking Program™ which helps middle class families struggling to regain their footing in today’s difficult economy. The program’s unique approach to dealing with homelessness maintains its commitment to helping the homeless find housing and employment.

The Safe Parking Program™, often regarded a model program by international media examining the homelessness crisis, has been featured by NBC Nightly News, NPR, PBS, CNN, People Magazine and the Larry King Show. “Our mission,” says Executive Director Kristine Schwarz “is to provide the support services necessary for all members of our community to thrive. This particular program aims to empower the non-traditional homeless and provide the level of stability they need to make positive change.”

“The individuals and families who are served by the Safe Parking Program™ are not only homeless,” adds Roslyn Scheuerman, one of the program’s two case managers. “They are refugees from the American Dream.” The program, founded in 2004, provides case management and outreach to the homeless population and safe overnight parking to individuals and families living in their vehicles. In 2010-2011, the program served over 800 people. “The Cities of Santa Barbara and Goleta and the County of Santa Barbara have been tremendously supportive of the program since its inception,” said Schwarz. “Without government contracts and grants, the program would be without funding.”

The article entitled “The Recession’s Middle-Class Casualties,” can currently be found  at www.rollingstone.com